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Sagul wines are made from Plavac Mali grape which is a cross between two ancient red wine grape varieties grown along the Dalmatian coast, Crljenak Kaštelanski (ancestral zinfandel) and Dobričić grapes. In Croatian plavac means blue and mali means small referring to the small blue grapes that the vines produce. On the sandy slopes of Pelješac, bathed in sunshine for thousands of sun hours a year, plavac mali grapes produce premium quality red wine, according to some, the best wine in rich Croatian winemaking tradition.


The vineyards of Darko Violić, Pelješac winemaker of the new generation, lie in Kuna Pelješka. The Violić family takes care of the vineyards of Plavac Mali with love and produce rich and flavorful wines: Sagul Plavac Mali, Sagul Selekcija, Sagul Dingač and Sagul Rosè. And white wine lovers will be pleased to know that Sagul wines offer Sagul Orange and Sagul Rukatac made from rukatac grape (maraština) and Sagul Pošip from Korčula.

Sagul is the Latin name of a locality today called 'Zaguine' found in the central part of the Pelješac peninsula which is perfect for the growing of plavac mali grapes and which has always been in the possession of the Violić family and this is why we chose this name for our wine.

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